Our Wedding Ceremony Video

July 11, 2017

I am SO excited to share a video of our wedding ceremony in Puerto Vallarta Mexico!! We had a videographer capture the few moments leading up to our rooftop ceremony too! I totally forgot we had this included in our wedding package at the resort (whoopsie!) so I was extra excited. When Josh and I were planning our wedding, we wanted our ceremony to be special. Here are a few of the personal elements that we included:

  • The readings. My aunt Katy and uncle Jack will always have a special place in my heart. I lived with them for over a decade and they saw me grow from a moody teenager into the woman I am today. So, Josh and I gave them a unique role in our wedding! Katy read one of my father’s poems (which also happens to be tattooed on my arm) and it will be something I’ll never forget. I wanted to include my father in our wedding and I thought reading one of his poems would be the best way to honor him! Something interesting happened when Katy read his poem “Sousa”. In the video, you’ll see four pelicans fly over our ceremony as Katy was speaking. Random timing? I don’t think so ;) Jack read an Irish blessing, too! I moved in with Katy and Jack two weeks before they got married so I wanted to include something from their wedding! It was a very “circle of life” moment.
  • Our vows. Josh and I HATE being the center of attention but we wanted our ceremony to be super personal. We wrote our own vows and it was such a special moment reading them to each other! We both mentioned the Steelers (hehe) and Josh even talked about my favorite fast food… Taco Bell! Don’t judge me.
  • Walking down the aisle. My older brother Daniel is the person I look up to the most and I was so thankful he walked me down the aisle and represented our father throughout the entire day. It was very emotional, but his strength helped me get through it. I’ll never forget him looking down and asking me, “Ready to go?!” before we started walking together. Small moments like that are ones I will cherish forever.
  • The wedding towels. Unfortunately Josh is a diehard Steelers fan (sorry babe, love ya!). I wanted to include pieces of him in our wedding so it was a representation of US… not just me! So, we made personalized wedding terrible towels!! All of our guests grabbed one before entering the ceremony location and when we kissed and walked back down the aisle they waved the towels in the air! It was so fun.

I am so happy we have this 17 minute video of the best day of our lives. Take a peek:

Click this link —>>  OUR WEDDING CEREMONY VIDEO!!


Photo cred: Katie Nesbitt Photography .


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