No More Gifts. Let’s Travel!

July 5, 2017

When Josh and I were planning our wedding, we decided not to give each other wedding gifts and it was one of the best decisions we made! Usually, the bride and groom write a letter or card accompanied with a special gift that they exchange in the morning of the wedding day. We made the choice to not exchange gifts for future birthdays, Christmas, etc and use our money to travel instead! Josh is very simple and likes the Steelers, anything from Under Armour, and craft beer. My gifts to him over the past 6.5 years have been somewhat similar and both of us really don’t NEED anything. We would rather put our money towards something a little more special!

Josh and I want to make traveling a priority in our marriage and our life because there are so many things we want to experience together. Seeing a new place, enjoying new cuisine, and making memories are things we will cherish more than a fancy watch or set of diamonds earrings. We are in the process of planning our “mini-moon” and we are PUMPED to visit a new city! So far, we are thinking about going to Nashville for the few days between Christmas and New Years. Gimme all the country music and biscuits!!!! YASSSS!

We have a long list of places we want to visit… here’s our current travel bucket list:

Nashville, Colorado, Miami, Iceland (again!), Ireland, Charleston, Greece, California, Lithuania (visit my crazy roots!), Europe entirely, and anywhere outside of Pennsylvania (haha!)

When Josh and I have a family we want to keep traveling as a priority, too! Exposing our future children to different cultures and people is really important to us as well. 

So, our new goal is to start utilizing credit card points and miles so we can accomplish our travel goals :) Let me know if anyone has any travel tips – yay adventure!! 




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